1. 20191004

    Finally, the consumption tax is 10%. Compared to the previous tax increase from 5% to 8% Is it only me that I don’t think there is much tax increase?Read more

  2. 20190927

    The night before the tax increase Return campaigns such as cashless cashback will start soon. Earn explosive miles with the return campaign from October 1st!Read more

  3. 20190920

    Consumption tax increase countdown There will be no cancellation of the consumption tax increase from now. Unless the government has been experiencing Lehman shocks, I have stated that there is no tax increase.。Read more

  4. 20190913

    Earn miles with a 20% reduction campaign, part 2 From September 14th, d-payment also started a 20% return campaign for one month.。Read more

  5. 20190906

    Various 20% reduction campaigns are being held. Because “PayPay” of QR code payment campaigned for the first time (?) Currently, a 20% return campaign is being conducted with various payment methods.Read more



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私はポイント・マイルを駆使し、これまでに国内や海外旅行をほぼ無料で旅するという事を実践してきました。 何故そんな事が出来るのか? それがこのクラブのノウハウです。 私と縁のある方々が少しでもそのノウハウを身につけ、価値ある人生を送れたらと願っています。
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