Poi search ranking successively top.

●ポイ探 blog 20170519

I earn as much as I can go on top at the top all the time in the Poi search asset ranking.

As you probably know, Poi exploration is a mile · point portal site where people who know it knows.
It is a state where he is running in the first place.

When logging in by yourself, “” is displayed before each item.
It tells me that the place of “” is my ranking.

Seeing is believing.
I think that you can understand if you see the above point asset ranking chart,
It is tortuous with more than twice the second place.

Practice know-how that teaching reality ranking top teaches is not a desk topic.

Common sense in the world, everyone was a lie made by evil managers.
Even participating in seminars and cram schools did not teach real know-how.

Finally I got to know the secret secrets of the guys.
Even if it was not a charisma, I could earn properly with a side job.

Everyone can do whatever you like and live freely like me.