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For some reason MVNO is often expressed as cheap SIM in Japan.
Alas, it is handled as a telecommunications carrier with just cheap.

With MVNO, we do not own line facilities etc at our company,
I borrowed line equipment, asked wholesale,
A virtual mobile communication carrier that provides services under its own brand.
In Europe and the United States it is widely recognized as MVNO,
It is the present situation that services have been provided by many businesses for quite some time.

In Japan too recently, MVNO cheap SIM as a magazine and media etc.
It is getting treated more.
Compared with Europe and the United States of developed countries of MVNO,
The following news is also occasionally posted in economic newspapers and the like.

According to the content of the contract of Rakuten Mobile
Started a campaign where the second usage fee will be free for up to one year.

Ions are
Started offering dedicated applications that make cheaper call charges etc. cheap on smartphone service.
Call charges will be half of the conventional one.

My member is not a MVNO service or a general carrier’s mobile service,
Many people are using different services for quite a while.

The answer is simple.
It’s cheaper and attractive than those services.「twitter」「Poi search asset ranking」

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