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I do not believe in POI searching first place …?

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I kain
I do not understand how I can be ranked first in “POI SEARCH”
Occasionally there are people saying that it is not just pasting ranking pages without permission.

Those who know “poi exploration”, or who are using it, you can see,
“POI SEARCH” is marked with an asterisk of the person who logged in to the person who logged in.
Twitter, for each item (rank, rival, point asset) pasted on the page of the program
The sign of that is a login is marked in the place.

Even if I explain this thing, there is still a doubt. It’s sad, is not it.
But the common point of them is that you can not save miles or points.
A member of PLC does not need that type of person.「twitter」「Poi search asset ranking」

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