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ANA also encloses strategy

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ANA also strengthens the enclosure strategy.

The airline has given mileage in the airline industry and related business, and has kept customers.
It also became common now that we first offered the mileage program
It is a major airline in the USA.

In the United States, we do not build programs at our company,
There are also so-called “service providers of loyalty programs”.
The partners of ANA this time are companies in Canada and the UK,
This kind of service originates in America a lot.

ANA collaborates with Canada / UK to expand overseas mileage alliance service

Due to international network expansion,
While the destinations of ANA Mileage Club members are diversifying,
ANA is a service provider of loyalty program
Parts with Points and Collinson Latitude,
In overseas hotels and services such as rent-a-car reservation and overseas EC shop use
Expand “Mileage accumulation” and “Mileage can be used” service.
With this alliance,
The number of hotels that can save miles is approximately 1,100 facilities to approximately 150,000 facilities,
The number of hotels that can use miles can be expanded from about 70 facilities to about 150,000 facilities,
The number of target shops has greatly increased.

From April 25, 2017 Nihon Keizai Shimbun Industry News「twitter」「Poi search asset ranking」

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