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Mile with Lost Baggage

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I was surprised at the urban legend as a result of lost baggage (loss of luggage deposited with airlines).
One of them is “do not lost baggage direct flights”.
I heard it from a person who is accustomed to travel to some extent, it is a personal story.
Moreover, it seems that many of those acquaintances still think that way.
This is a big mistake.

I will declare it.
Lost bag gauge occurs for both direct flights and connecting flights.

There seems to be a direct fly myth in fact.
In reality, I think that it is a level that the probability of losing decreases slightly though it is less than connecting flight.

Still it will occur.
I have experienced it several times in the past.

Currently, in various experiences,
It is certain that measures are taken to greatly reduce the probability of lost baggage.

I am informing the member of the know-how (?),
After doing this
“I have not lost baggage for several years.”
“I found it soon even after I got a lost baggage.”
I have heard the voice well.

We are limited to not having any trouble.
Also, you can not earn miles with Lost Baggage.「twitter」「Poi search asset ranking」

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