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Senior member of JAL ANA

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Japanese airlines, JAL and ANA also have an advanced membership system.
Both of the two companies have a system that permits permanent retention of advanced membership once becoming an advanced member.
There are various preferential treatment when becoming an advanced member.
For that reason, there are people who train to acquire that senior qualification. It is also said to be a monk.

I also often receive questions from the member about training to acquire senior level qualifications.
I think that there is merit and disadvantage for practicing with appropriate time and expense.

Depending on the circumstances of that person, it can not be said unconditionally,
One who can become an advanced member and enjoy the preferential treatment
I think that it will be divided into those who are not so much, and it is because they are.

It seems that you can convince members to send by member news etc. and read it. “Twitter” “Poi search asset ranking”

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