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JAL Domestic Lounge

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JAL’s “Diamond Premier Lounge” opens at Naha Airport

Following Haneda airport, Itami airport, New Chitose airport, Fukuoka airport, to Naha airport and domestic major airport. . . .

It is not in Narita, Kansai, Chubu (Centrair).
As for positioning, these three airports are dominated by international airports.

Although it is a position to the last,
The Tokyo metropolitan area is Narita and Haneda,
Kansai area is Kansai and Itami,
Chubu area is Central Chubu (Centrair). . . What?

That’s right.
The Chubu region is the main international airport and domestic airport Chubu International Airport Centrair.
At first, there is a lounge for domestic flights of JAL and ANA.
(It is a rare lounge shared by JAL and ANA who you know.)

It is said to be the main airport. . . Central Japan International Airport Centrair.
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