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ANA A380 Honolulu Award Award tickets all-you-can-eat!

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ANA A380 Honolulu Award Award tickets all-you-can-eat!

ANA, Airbus A 380 aircraft “FLYING HONU” Honolulu line commemoration · mileage campaign.

ANA is the world’s largest airliner to be launched from Narita – Honolulu line from May 24, 2019
It seems to implement four campaigns commemorating the Airbus’ A380 aircraft to be in service.

As long as there is vacancy in the premium economy or economy class,
In addition to the “A380 Limited Award Ticket Large Release Campaign” that can be booked with award tickets,
Develop mileback and retweet campaigns.

For those who have more than a certain number of miles as members of the PLC organized by me,
“What is the vacancy situation in business class and first class?”
There are not many people who think that.
Although there is a thing that you do not know unless the award ticket is issued,
If you do not have business class or first class of A380, as in the past,
It might be more comfortable for people who issued a business class on an existing airframe flight.


Application for registration is here ⇒“twitter”“Poi search asset ranking”

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