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Miles by QR code payment

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Earn miles by QR code settlement.

The campaign battle of QR code settlement using a smartphone is supposed to be great.

In July, Seven Eleven and FamilyMart launched their own smartphone payment.
At the moment, it seems to be only the opening campaign, so I want to look forward to it in the future.

The main thing is the company’s return campaign, but can’t you earn miles?
I tend to look at cashback and other return campaigns,
You can see it if you change the viewpoint a little.
Just register your mileage card and earn miles
A little different from how to double the earning of miles!

As I am allowed to guide members of PLC that I host by using member-specific information,
You have already practiced it.
A method of explosively accumulating “miles with QR code payment” that appears when you change the viewpoint a little.


Application for registration is here ⇒「“twitter”“Poi search asset ranking”

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