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Various 20% reduction campaign

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Various 20% reduction campaigns are being held.

Because “PayPay” of QR code payment campaigned for the first time (?)
Currently, a 20% return campaign is being conducted with various payment methods.

AMEX and other card companies also carry out similar campaigns.
Once it has finished, there are many cases where it starts again after a while.

Earn benefits from the campaign and earn miles. . . .
That’s the best.

But with QR code payment at the top
“I want to save miles like paying with a card that collects miles …”
There seems to be a lot of voices.
If you just use QR code payment normally,
There may be no yen in accumulating miles at the same time.

But you know. . . .
Just change the way a little. . . .
Already in use, PLC members.


Application for registration is here ⇒“twitter”“Poi search asset ranking”

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