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LINE Pay cannot be used! Be careful

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“LINE Pay @ cannot be used!”
Have been reported recently.

In addition to PLC members, I’ve been listening to them from around.
It is restricted from use and cannot be used for a certain period of time.

Members have been warned by breaking news, and many people have refrained from using them.

Unlike a credit card that restricts usage when it is used for security,
A situation in which charging (depositing) a certain amount of money in one’s own account is restricted.
Usage restrictions when depositing? You may wonder, but this is happening as a reality.

And it takes time to lift the restrictions.
From the voice that is heard,
Sending a photo from a form, such as identification, and answering questions.
Waiting for one week after submission is natural, and there are many people who will not be released even after that.
During that time, LINE Pay cannot be used at all, so you cannot withdraw the charged amount.

PayPay has a call center,
Although people respond to this kind of thing, they are showing quick movements,
In the case of LINE Pay, there is only a way to cancel it with LINE and email.

Therefore, if you are going to use LINE Pay with a large charge, you need to be careful.


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