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Japanese economy stagnated by coronavirus!

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Japan economy is stagnant!

Due to the government’s countermeasures against coronaviruses, it has been stalled all at once since the second half of February.

From the perspective of preventing the spread of coronaviruses, the relationship of refraining from unnecessary and urgent outings,
The movement of people has stopped due to the suspension and postponement of events, temporary closures of large theme parks, etc.

If we compare human movement to humans, we can say that it is the same as blood flow.
Poor blood flow can lead to poor physical condition.
The Japanese economy is now affecting everywhere.

Although it is a request for self-restraint of about 2 weeks,
Will there be materials that will improve after March 16th? . . ..

But that’s why
It may be suitable for situations such as earning miles and points, and making money.

In order not to become an information vulnerable person who is danced by the toilet paper riot. . . ..


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