Finally we set up a dedicated blog

●ポイ探 blog 20170519

With famous poi exploration of points and mile portal sites,
It is KAIN which is ranked first in the point asset ranking for a long time.

I think that you can confirm from the poye search image of the profile.
As you may know, if the registrant himself logs in,
Since “” indicating the principal is marked with red, I think that you can see.

I have received multiple coverage requests from point sites and other media until now,
I refused everything.
Just because I am not registered in Poi search, I have more miles and points than I
Because I thought that some people possessed it.

However, something has caused me to open a blog.
Although it is little by little, I will upload it, so please take a look.



   Profile of KAIN

私はポイント・マイルを駆使し、これまでに国内や海外旅行をほぼ無料で旅するという事を実践してきました。 何故そんな事が出来るのか? それがこのクラブのノウハウです。 私と縁のある方々が少しでもそのノウハウを身につけ、価値ある人生を送れたらと願っています。
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