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Earn money with miles

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I think electronic money is very convenient, I think it is best for small amount settlement.
On the other hand, it is hard to save miles and points.

Depending on the card company we associate with,
If it is an electronic money of a card company that gives points to the total usage fee for one month
Even in small lot settlement it is good because it is a one month aggregate,
In the case of a credit card company that gives points for each settlement use,
To the point that e-money usage of small amount settlement does not give a point.

If you use electronic money frequently, and you are saving miles and points,
You had better think about that and use it.

Actually, if you use “back tricks” that are not included in the net information
Even if you use electronic money you can earn pretty good miles and points, though!

Electronic money utilization rate 60%

The usage rate of electronic money such as “Rakuten Edy” and “Suica”
To 60% approaching credit card ─.

For reasons of using electronic money,
“Point accumulates”, “payment is smooth”
Many opinions raised common attractiveness with credit cards,
“Can be used without worrying even a small amount”, “There is an upper limit and there is never too much use”
There were voices raising the merit specific to electronic money.

From April 3, 2017 Nihon Keizai Shimbun Industry News「twitter」「Poi search asset ranking」

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