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Tamper Delta

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It seems that Delta Airlines has gone bad again.

Delta Air Lines award tickets using miles
It seems that we have raised some necessary mileage between Japan and North America.

No announcement. . . .
I do not know other areas, sections.

I used to save a lot of mileage from Delta before, but it is very small now.
The reason is,
Compared with other frequent flyer programs, the number of mileage required for award tickets is generally large
It is because I started to do evil without advance notice like this one.

If there is a change in the frequent flyer program of a Japanese airline,
We will inform you in advance and implement with implementation period in mind,
American type, especially Delta Air Lines are different.

Delta Airlines will raise the required mileage without notifying mileage members etc.
Just a specialty.
Even though it is included in the contract. . . .

We have already reported to members of PLC,
Although members were also saving delta mileage at the time of membership,
Most people are supposed to use it only for certain things for various reasons.「twitter」「Poi search asset ranking」

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