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Mileage expiration date

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United has removed the mileage expiration date.

That said, US airline mileage is different from Japanese airline mileage,
If there is an increase or decrease in mileage accounts within the deadline, it will be extended,
I don’t think you need to worry about it.

But instead,
For award tickets on United flights using MileagePlus,
The required mileage chart is gone and the mileage change system is introduced.
(Flights boarding after November 15, 2019)

I think that the mitigation measures of the variable system will be abolished.

This variation system is a “spoof”.
US-based Delta has already abolished the expiry date and introduced a mileage fluctuation system.
It is a powerful award ticket exchange for those who know.

United, like Delta,
I want to pray not to be an award ticket that requires tremendous mileage.


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