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LINE Pay cannot be used! Solution

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LINE Pay cannot be used! Solution

Although LINE Pay had usage restrictions on December 6,
It seems that usage restrictions were lifted on December 22.

Along with the cancellation, the status of the company organization called LINE became apparent.
Why was the restriction lifted immediately below a sudden turn?

A member who has requested cancellation, such as cancellation procedures from the prescribed inquiry form.
LINE has gone through the prescribed procedure for two weeks, but has taken no action.
However, it was just below a sudden turn.

The restriction was lifted
“Call the company’s main number”
It was just that.

Call an IT company’s main phone number that is not publicly available.
This method seemed to be the most effective.
However, the person in question could not find LINE’s phone number and contacted me.
I gave the representative number and the person called me
It was said that the cancellation procedure was performed from the next night to the morning.

Members, I will tell you if you can contact us from the usual form. That phone number.

But considering the service form called LINE Pay,
There is a risk to deposit and use large sums of money.
Because it is a service that does not support basic operators.


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