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“Terumi club” Travel fee refund?

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The broken travel company, the president of the “Terumi club”, was finally arrested.
However, being arrested does not mean that more money will be refunded.

Among those who paid the travel fee with credit card,
Several people seem to have been refunded from the credit card company.
Because mileage and points are accumulated,
I think that there are not a few people who paid credit cards.
That means that those who are more likely to suffer less damage.

1% of the amount paid by cash payment seems to be a standard of refund.

The point of possibility of paying by credit card and being refunded is as follows.
· If you choose payment method other than lump sum payment next month (revolving payment etc.), installment sales law will be applied,
If it meets the conditions, you can use a mechanism that allows you to exercise “right to defeat payment” and stop payment.
· There are cases in which a lump sum payment is also refunded by card company’s own remedial measures etc.

The matter of the “Terumi club” caught that information from a certain route well before the bankruptcy,
Since I was allowed to send it as member information,
There was not one who suffered the damage.

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