1. mac_rakuten02

    Rakuten points with Mac McDonald’s will partner with Rakuten Point Service. From June, “Rakuten Point Card” will also be available at McDonald’s stores. Read more

  2. 25000000_gimp

    It exceeded 25,000,000 yen by “Poi search asset ranking”. Previously, we reported on exceeding the equivalent of 20,000,000 yen,Read more

  3. lostbaggage01

    I was surprised at the urban legend as a result of lost baggage (loss of luggage deposited with airlines). One of them is “do not lost baggage direct flights”.Read more

  4. delay01


    Delay (Delay) I think that there are many people you know, but it is “delay” used in the aviation industry.Read more

  5. overbooking


    In case of overbooking, what kind of measures are taken by Japanese airlines? The principle is as follows.Read more



   Profile of KAIN

私はポイント・マイルを駆使し、これまでに国内や海外旅行をほぼ無料で旅するという事を実践してきました。 何故そんな事が出来るのか? それがこのクラブのノウハウです。 私と縁のある方々が少しでもそのノウハウを身につけ、価値ある人生を送れたらと願っています。
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