1. upgrade01


    It seems to be pre-eco popularity. A flight on international flights up a notch from the economy class The popularity of “premium economy” is expanding. Read more

  2. denshimanedemairu02

    I think electronic money is very convenient, I think it is best for small amount settlement. On the other hand, it is hard to save miles and points. Read more

  3. rakutenn01

    Rakuten can also use Rakuten points saved by Rakuten Shops etc. in other real stores Rakuten Point Card Usage of franchise stores is expanding. Read more

  4. terumi01

    “Terumi club” news is taken up on television and the net every day. People writing blogs about travel and miles are also considering articles. That is why it is rich in topicality. Read more

  5. dokokanimairu01

    Mystery tour organized by a travel agency is popular, It was “miles away somewhere” so that JAL could go on a mile.Read more



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私はポイント・マイルを駆使し、これまでに国内や海外旅行をほぼ無料で旅するという事を実践してきました。 何故そんな事が出来るのか? それがこのクラブのノウハウです。 私と縁のある方々が少しでもそのノウハウを身につけ、価値ある人生を送れたらと願っています。
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