1. mac02

    Until now, at McDonald’s Electronic money “iD, WAON, Rakuten Edy” was available nationwide.Read more

  2. mileagepointcard02

    Like ourselves using credit cards, New people are happy news for people who want to save miles and points.Read more

  3. gargoyle01

    I kain I do not understand how I can be ranked first in “POI SEARCH” Occasionally there are people saying that it is not just pasting ranking pages without permission.Read more

  4. password02

    US entry

    Although it is a matter of twinning to the US, I have already heard the information and have traveled to the USA, but I have not experienced myself yet. My members have not reported any experiences. Read more

  5. yaji02

    Previously, we reported that the point asset ranking of “poi exploration” exceeded 20 million. It is about to reach 25 million now.Read more



   Profile of KAIN

私はポイント・マイルを駆使し、これまでに国内や海外旅行をほぼ無料で旅するという事を実践してきました。 何故そんな事が出来るのか? それがこのクラブのノウハウです。 私と縁のある方々が少しでもそのノウハウを身につけ、価値ある人生を送れたらと願っています。
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