1. 20190830

    United has removed the mileage expiration date. That said, US airline mileage is different from Japanese airline mileage, If there is an increase or decrease in mileage accounts within the deadline, it will be extended,、Read more

  2. 20190823

    The summer vacation for this year’s Bon Festival has ended. Because of my work, there are people who are planning to start summer vacation. Jealous!Read more

  3. 20190809

    Summer big move. “Award ticket” is a big success. It seems that there are not a few people who will leave on August 10 tomorrow for the summer vacation this year. The return is expected to peak on August 18th.Read more

  4. 20190802

    Smartphone QR code settlement, campaign will continue after August. Although it is a smartphone payment, it seems to be basically irrelevant to what accumulates miles. Even bloggers who send mileage information often have such a feeling.Read more

  5. 20190726

    The fuel surcharge will rise soon. From August 1, 2019, Fuel surcharges added to international flights from Japan, such as JAL, ANA, etc., are priced up across the board.Read more



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